Terms of Business

Tribe Study Abroad is a trading name of Tribe Language Ltd.

Please read these Terms of Business carefully. By signing the enrolment form you acknowledge you have read and understood these Terms of Business and agree to be bound by same.

Changes to Terms of Business

Tribe Study Abroad reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend these Terms of Business for any reason and without notice. Such changes, if made, will include the date of the revision on the Terms of Business. Please ensure you are familiar with the revised Terms of Business before booking a programme with Tribe Study Abroad.

Tribe Study Abroad

Tribe Study Abroad acts as a booking agent for the relevant supplier of any language course or programme that we sell. As an agent, Tribe Study Abroad promotes and sells language programmes including accommodation and ancillary services offered by the language schools and language programme providers. Tribe Study Abroad retains the right to accept, dismiss, decline or retain any student as a participant in the programme at any time before, during, or after the program for any reason whatsoever and without any liability for refund.

This agreement is legally binding once Tribe Study Abroad has received a completed enrolment form from the student accompanied by the booking deposit and where written confirmation has been sent to the student. 


Classes at our partner language schools run from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays. Classes can be between 45 and 60 minutes and the exact lesson length is according to the selected language school’s course details which can be found on the Trible Language website.

The student will complete a level test either prior to arrival or on the first day, to determine their language level.

If a student is unable to attend the course they have reserved or if there are insufficient students to make a group, the school may offer an alternative course or private lessons. The number of lessons may be fewer than the group course booked.


Where accommodation is shown for one week, this means six nights from Sunday to Saturday, unless otherwise indicated. Please note the check-in and check-out times of the accommodation you have booked. Extra nights can be arranged according to availability and for an additional fee. There is normally a limit of three extra nights, after which an extra week price will be charged. Discounts cannot be given to students spending less than 6 nights in their accommodation. Please check the rules and regulations specific to the language school and accommodation that you have booked.

There is no such thing as a typical host family and there is no guarantee that the host family will have a student of the similar age of the participating student or if they do that that they will attend the same school. Host families are carefully chosen by our partner language schools and can be a married couple or single person, with or without children. Host families can offer either ‘Bed and Breakfast’ (B+B) half board (breakfast and dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) according to what is specified by the information provided by the selected language school. Please check the course details for further information. Specific dietary requirements (Coeliac, Lactose Intolerant, Vegetarian, Vegan etc) may be available by request and are subject to a supplement and must be indicated on the enrolment form. Please contact Tribe Study Abroad directly for further information.

Student Residences can vary in size and offer a combination of single, twin or triple rooms. Meals can be either bed and breakfast, half board or full board and where self-catering facilities are available, they will be specified in the course details.

Twin rooms or shared rooms imply two students of the same gender sharing a room, with two separate beds. Please note that seasonal surcharges may apply to certain types of accommodation. 

Some accommodation may require the payment of a security deposit in advance which will be returned to you at the end of your stay, provided no damage has been done to the property.

Tribe Study Abroad is not liable for any damage, loss or injury to you or your property nor your child or your child’s property when residing in the accommodation provided by your chosen Language School.

  • To make a booking, the client must provide Tribe Study Abroad with a completed and signed enrolment form which is accompanied by a booking deposit. The booking deposit can be paid by bank transfer or cheque or using an online payment gateway.
  • Tribe Study Abroad will inform the client in writing within 48 hours if their booking has been confirmed by the selected language provider.
  • The client will receive an invoice for the final balance which is due 4 weeks prior to departure. 
  • Accommodation details will be confirmed to the client as soon as Tribe Study Abroad receives the details from our partner language providers.
  • Travel details should be forwarded to Tribe Study Abroad at least 2 weeks prior to departure.
  • Should your booking be declined by the Language School, Tribe Study Abroad will refund you the deposit within 5 working days.
Travel and Transfers

You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements. You should not finalise travel arrangements until your booking has been confirmed in writing by Tribe Study Abroad and you have been advised to do so.

Some language programmes include return airport transfers, others can provide a transfer subject to a fee. Transfers should be pre-booked with Tribe Study Abroad at least 2 weeks prior to departure.

Tribe Study Abroad is not liable for any damage, loss or injury to you or your property, or if you are booking for your child who is a minor, your child or your child’s property, when travelling to or from the destination where your chosen Language School is located, or while in the city where your chosen Language Course is located, for the purpose of attending a Language Course you booked with Tribe Study Abroad.


Tribe Study Abroad relies on the information provided to Tribe Study Abroad regarding the accommodation, courses and ancillary services. If you have a specific request, please consult with Tribe Study Abroad prior to making a booking so that Tribe Study Abroad can confirm your request with the chosen language provider and advise you accordingly.

Tribe Study Abroad is not responsible for any mistakes or omissions in the information provided to Tribe Study Abroad by the Language Schools and used by Tribe Study Abroad in advertising and selling the language courses, accommodation and/or ancillary services offered by the Language Schools.


Payments should be made in Euro to Tribe Study Abroad.

A deposit of €200 for courses in a language school and €500 for High School Abroad programmes is required for bookings confirmed more than 8 weeks before the course start date. The remainder of the fees is due no later than 4 weeks before the start of the course. The final balance will include a registration fee, the details of which will appear on your invoice. The registration fee will also appear on the website.

Tribe Study Abroad reserves the right to cancel your booking in circumstances where the final balance is not paid 4 weeks prior to the course start date. The deposit is non-refundable, and the cancellation fees given below apply.

Seasonal surcharges may also apply to certain courses or types of accommodation. Please contact Tribe Study Abroad for details.

Changes to Bookings

Students may amend their booking at the discretion of Tribe Study Abroad, provided changes are requested within 28 days of travel. Any changes will incur a charge of €65.

Other Changes to Bookings

Tribe Study Abroad is not responsible for disruptions to language programmes resulting from forces out of our control (Force Majure Event) including but not limited to: earthquakes, natural disasters, strikes, a breakout of war, epidemic, pandemic, invasion, terrorist attack, industrial action, civil commotion, riot or impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other public or private transport. 

Lessons lost as a result of the above causes will not be recovered or refunds given.


Methods of Payment

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer payments are accepted in Euros. Our bank details will be listed on your invoice. Please ensure that we receive the full amount required, free of any sender or intermediary bank charges. 

Credit/Debit card

We accept payment by Visa and MasterCard and a surcharge of 3% will apply.


Cheques in Euros should be made payable to ‘Tribe Language Ltd’. We do not accept cheques in US Dollars or Sterling.

Missed lessons and activities

Language Schools are closed on public holidays. Lessons, activities and excursions will not take place on public holidays. You are not entitled to a refund credit or any other form of compensation from Tribe Study Abroad if there are any public holidays during your or your child’s chosen Language Course. 

Lessons may be missed due to level testing and initiation activities on the first day of a course. In some schools, only the first lesson will be lost and in others, a large part of the day may be dedicated to welcome activities. Lessons may also be lost at the end of a course due to evaluation tests.

There will be no recuperation or refund of classes missed for the above reasons unless otherwise stated.

Activities and Excursions

Information about activities and excursions offered at our partner language schools including ‘sample programmes’ should only be used as a guide and do not represent an accurate list of events. For further information about specific activities please contact the office.

Cancellation by the Student

If this agreement is cancelled by a student, the following provisions apply:

  • Cancellation must be made in writing to the Tribe Study Abroad office. The day that notification is received in writing by the Tribe Study Abroad office is the official cancellation day (“Cancellation date”) and the cancellation provisions laid out below will apply.
  • All cancellations incur a loss of deposit. In addition, the following charges apply and are payable to Tribe Study Abroad by the student:
  • Cancellation up to working 84 days before the start of the course: loss of deposit only.
  • Cancellation between 83 and up to 56 working days before the start of the course: Deposit + 10% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation.
  • Cancellation between 55 and 31 working days before the start of the course: Deposit +25% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation.
  • Cancellation between 30 and 15 working days before the start of the course: Deposit + 30% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation.
  • Cancellation between 14 and 7 working days before the start of the course: Deposit + 50%
  • Cancellation between 6 and 1 working days before the start of the course: 100% of the remaining balance of the course and accommodation.
  • No refund shall be given after the day of departure or start of the course.

If a new booking is made in place of the cancelled course, Tribe Study Abroad may, at their sole discretion, withdraw certain cancellation charges.

Cancellation by the Language School

The Language Schools reserve the right to make changes to their Language Courses, Accommodation and Ancillary Services and to make changes to, or cancel, any confirmed booking. Tribe Study Abroad will notify you in writing of any cancellation that we receive notification of. Tribe Study Abroad is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or additional expense that you may incur as a result of such cancellation by the language provider.


Students must have adequate health, civil liability and travel insurance while attending any of our programmes. Students are responsible for their own travel and medical insurance.

Our expectations

Students, and those accompanying students, are expected to behave in a courteous manner and to respect fellow students and staff at our schools. The illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse and inconsiderate behaviour is considered unacceptable. Tribe Study Abroad reserves the right to withhold courses and school accommodation from any student violating school regulations or generally behaving in an offensive manner towards others. Tribe Study Abroad reserves the right to send home, without escort or refund, any participant violating the terms of this article. The return trip will be at the expense of the participant or their family.


If students feel they have genuine reason for complaint, they should mention this to the school abroad and to Tribe Study Abroad as soon as possible. We will then respond to all reasonable complaints and we will do all we can to resolve any problems. We will not, unfortunately, be able to respond to complaints made to Tribe Study Abroad after the student has finished their course, unless the school and Tribe Study Abroad were notified of this complaint whilst the student was still attending the course and reasonable opportunity was given to the school and Tribe Study Abroad to respond to this complaint whilst the student was still attending the course.


Tribe Study Abroad will only collect and use your personal and non-personal information in accordance with the Privacy Statement.

Governing Law

These Terms of Business are governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Ireland without prejudice to the right of Tribe Study Abroad to take proceedings before any court of competent jurisdiction.


Tribe Study Abroad will not have to compensate the consumer for any failure to comply with any of its obligations if the failure is occasioned by any cause beyond Tribe Study Abroad’s reasonable control; nor shall Tribe Study Abroad be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of the student as a result of any such cause. Such causes shall include but shall not be limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, unusually adverse weather conditions and infectious diseases. It is the responsibility of the student’s natural parents or guardians to obtain natural disaster and repatriation insurance to cover the expense of repatriation under this provision.

By signing the enrolment form the client agrees to waive and release Tribe Study Abroad from any and all claims, damages and/or costs of whatever kind whether legal, equitable or otherwise, that they may have now or in the future that may arise out of or that are related in any way to my  enrolment on a language programme or language course without limitation any lost, stolen or damaged property, financial or economic loss and or bodily injuries to myself or third parties. In no event shall Tribe Study Abroad be liable for indirect, consequential, special exemplary or punitive penalties of any nature arising out of related claims of breach of any terms of the Agreement, breach of warranty, express or implied or negligence. The client agrees to indemnify Tribe Study Abroad, its servants or agents from any and all claims resulting from the client’s breach of any provisions of this agreement or any act, omission, error or negligence by the client while participating in the programme.

Defined Terms

In this Terms of Business:

When a client makes a reservation through Tribe Study Abroad the contract is between Tribe Language Ltd and the client.

‘The student’ or ‘client’ is the person or persons in whose name the booking is made or on whose behalf the booking is made.

‘Force Majeure’ shall mean any event outside the control of Tribe Study Abroad which prevents the prompt performance of its obligations, including war and civil strife, etc. 

‘Accommodation’ means the accommodation offered, organised and/or managed by the Language Schools or Language providers

‘Ancillary Services’ means any services offered by the Language Schools in connection with or ancillary to the Language Courses, including but not limited to, activities and excursions.

‘Balance’ means the outstanding amount of the price for the Confirmed Booking.

‘Cookie Policy’ means the Cookie Policy on the Website.

‘Deposit’ means €200 for bookings made with Tribe Study Abroad. 

‘Language Courses’ means the language courses offered, organised, managed and run by the Language Schools.

‘Language Programme’s means High School programmes/Homestay Immersion 

‘Language School’s mean the language schools advertised by Tribe Study Abroad

‘Privacy Statement’ means the Privacy Statement on the Tribe Study Abroad Website.

‘Public Holidays’ means the public holidays in the city and country where each Language School is located.

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