Camille Psaila Brennan

Client Service Executive

Camille has been living in Ireland for 20 years now. She first came to Dublin at 17 years old as a foreign student – intending to stay for only 9 months. She learnt so much from her teachers, her host family and made so many new friends from all parts of the world (including some Irish friends who are still in her life to this day). When her time as a student ended, she returned home. But in her heart, she was sad that she had to leave Dublin. She decided to come back shortly after she had left and worked in the retail sector for over 12 years. Camille is married to an Irish man and has a son. Her own experience as a foreign student gives her plenty of insight into how it feels to study in an unfamiliar country and makes her one of the best supports possible for students of Tribe Study Abroad.