This is my last week in Seville

This is my last week in Seville and I have no idea where the past 3 weeks have gone. After my mom and brother left, I thought I’d be really sad and dwelling on them not being here. Of course I was disappointed for them to be gone but I was immediately distracted as soon as I got back into the Spanish life. I was back to school and so happy to see everyone again.

During the Easter break, I took a train to Cadiz and spent the day at the beach with friends. It was so so pretty and I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t realised quite how hot it was and of course I got horribly burnt. ¡Que pena!

It was very embarrassing at swim training the next day because everyone could see my patchwork tan! I say tan but really it was strips of red and white on my back from where my bikini sat. It was quite funny really because my spanish swim pals obviously don’t experience this in the same way as Irish people and they were in shock at both my appearance and probably my stupidity!! Viva la vida loca 🙂

My last week of school was so much fun. As feria was the following week it was 5 days of fun and celebration. First we had sports day which included a dance that the year had been learning since September. I had seen them practising it and it looked really good when it all came together.

I was in the yellow house – javier, even though we didn’t win, I reckon we were the best house. Sports day was filled with races and obstacle courses, crawling through inflatable rings, the usual really…. I loved this day as it was so different to sports day in Ireland, mucho más emocionante!

Two days after sports day, we did a project all day and then we had a mass. I was expecting a mass like at home but I was  completely wrong. The mass we had here had singing, dancing and a mini parade! It was so interesting and fun to watch.

My last day of school was the best!! It was a party, I was in the ‘just dance’ room for the morning and the ‘maquillaje’ room (makeup) for the afternoon. The morning was filled with blaring music and impersonations of other people’s dance moves. The afternoon was doing little kids makeup and hair, it was satisfying to see their happy faces when they saw their French plaits or simple pigtails in the mirror. Ellos son muy monos!!\

My last week was the feria. If you don’t know the feria, it is like a huge funfair where you dress up really nicely and you go and spend time with friends. First of all we had tapas in the house, then a horse and carriage – coche de caballos, pulled up outside and took us the whole way there. I loved this part as I had never been in one before.

When we arrived, we had more food and then I was taught how to do the flamenco dancing! It was so much fun and it was so different to anything we have in Ireland.

Overall I am so happy I chose to come to seville. Apart from it being such a pretty part of Spain, I have learned more Spanish that I thought I could and have made friends that I definitely will not lose contact with! I think if you’re thinking of going for a trip abroad you should definitely take the opportunity.

If you have a sport you love I would recommend trying to do it over there as I really enjoyed swimming, made lots of new friends and I genuinely think I’m better than I was when I came. Also try a sport because chances are you’ll be having loads and loads of churros and ice creams if your in Spain! Nunca olvidaré mi experiencia aquí.